about us

Helping children to tell and grow their own stories through connection, comprehension and contribution.

Our Mission

To support children to develop the speech, language and literacy skills through individualised and engaging evidence-based therapy so that they can build positive relationships with themselves, others and engage in all learning activities at school.

Our Values


We are good humans who see the good in other humans. We are kind, respectful, honest, reliable, trustworthy and transparent.



We promise to always learn from the latest research, from our clients and from you – parents and teachers. We value your honest feedback and look for ways we can improve our services and your experience with us.



We exist to help children develop their communication skills so that they can develop healthy relationships – with themselves and others. We communicate with one another and our clients in clear and kind ways.



We celebrate women in the workforce and work hard to enable women to participate as fully and as flexibility as possible. We help women find and use their voices for justice, fairness and equality.



We value possibilities over problems.  We think in terms of growth and we see situations from a multiplicity of angles to give us depth of perception and many ways to finding a solution.



We love what we do and the fun we have doing it.


Tania Blunden

Founder. Mum. Speech Pathologist.

 Educator. Academic. Entrepreneur.

Communication. It has the power to create opportunities, empower people and strengthen relationships. By supporting children and their families through developing a comprehensive communication profile, and implementing individualised therapy programs, I help them build communication skills and confidence that will not only change the trajectory of their schooling, vocation, and relationships, but their life as a whole.

Tania Blunden is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and founder of Words To Grow. Throughout her 20-year career, Tania has worked in private practices, Indigenous health services, early childhood, primary, secondary and special education settings. Her areas of interest include speech sound disorders, developmental language disorder, spoken and written narrative, pre-literacy skills for kindergarten students and school-aged literacy (primary and secondary)


Tania has presented professional learning workshops to teachers and speech pathologists in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. She has worked as a consultant for teachers in the Lismore Diocese of Northern New South Wales.


Tania holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) and postgraduate degrees in Counselling and Education.  She is a Clinical Educator and Casual Academic at the University of Queensland for the Bachelor of Speech Pathology and Graduate Entry Masters of Speech Pathology Programs.

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