Kindy Uplift Program 2024

For Early Childhood Educators in QLD

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The Kindy Uplift program supports Early Years Teachers’ and Educators’ Professional Development. The Kindy Uplift program enables selected kindergarten services to respond to the educational and developmental needs of kindergarten children – and to do that, Early Childhood Teacher and Educator professional development is key.


Your Centre’s Kindy Uplift funding can be used to support your professional development, to:


  • build your capability as an educator
  • support inclusion
  • improve children’s learning and development

Select from a variety of professional development modalities to suit your learning preferences

Words to Grow learning and development courses include:

✅ Evidence-based techniques that strengthen pre-literacy success

✅ Quick, simple and evidence-based activities you can implement in the classroom in seconds

✅ No prep, evidence-based strategies to improve expressive skills

✅ Culturally safe, responsive and inclusive methods to support language development

✅ Simple ways to increase children’s vocabulary in activities you are already doing at kindy

✅ Free learning plan and ready-to-go practical activities

✅ Links to QKLG Communication, QKLG Identity, QKLG Connectedness

✅ Options for enrolment in individual modules or the entire (7 module) package

✅ Options for in person training, live online, or self-paced online

✅ Completion certificate

The Words to Grow Difference

✅ Practical learning sessions and easy to implement in your classroom

✅ Ready-to-go materials to use in your classroom

✅ Activities trialed and tested by real teachers

✅ Evidence-based information

✅ Developed and delivered by a highly experienced Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

What Skills Can You Expect To Learn From Words To Grow?

We empower Early Childhood Teachers and Educators with content that helps them enhance communication and speech amongst children in their classroom. Our content is evidence-based and includes guided education to help Educators manage a diverse range of common communication challenges within their classrooms.


Our comprehensive learning materials cover important topics, including:


✅ Hearing health

✅ How does speech develop

✅ Managing individual and cultural diversity in the classroom– bilingual differences

✅ How the mouth makes sounds

✅ Tips and techniques for communicating with warmth, empathy and respect

✅ How to speak so children listen

✅ Helping children follow directions

✅ Communication milestones and recognising signs of speech challenges in children

✅ Strategies for engaging with nonverbal children

✅ Ideas to help children talk with small and large groups

✅ Culturally safe, responsive and inclusive methods

✅ Australian Aboriginal English

✅ Bridging home and school language (how to communicate with and support parents)

✅ Quick and simple activities for pre literacy

✅ Grammar and vocabulary building

✅ Culturally sensitive ways of storytelling and oral storytelling

✅ And much more!

Supporting children with speech development, communication and literacy is of huge national importance.

Did you know?

  • Approximately 20% of children starting school in Australia have a speech, language or communication impairment.

  • Communication disorder was the most important predictive factor that students required a high level of support at school.

  • Children who begin school with under-developed oral language skills will not be ready for the intensive focus on learning how to read.

  • All academic skills are language based and rely on language competence.

  • The ability to use oral language effectively impacts on a student’s ability to learn in the classroom.

  • International evidence shows that communication disorders lead to early school leaving, unemployment, and increased likelihood of involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Meet Tania, Director of Words to Grow

Tania Herrington

Speech Pathologist. Educator. Academic. Entrepreneur.

Tania Herrington is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and founder of Words To Grow. Throughout her 20-year career, Tania has worked in private practices, Indigenous health services, early childhood, primary, secondary and special education settings. Her areas of interest include speech sound disorders, developmental language disorder, spoken and written narrative, pre-literacy skills for kindergarten students and school-aged literacy (primary and secondary)

Tania has presented professional learning workshops to teachers and speech pathologists in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. She has worked as a consultant for teachers in the Lismore Diocese of Northern New South Wales.


Tania holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) and postgraduate degrees in Counselling and Education. She is a Clinical Educator and Casual Academic at the University of Queensland for the Bachelor of Speech Pathology and Graduate Entry Masters of Speech Pathology Programs.

Words to Grow is proud to provide professional development services to Early Childhood Teachers and Educators.



Words to Grow offers online and in-person training to Kindergarten Teachers and Early Childhood Educators to help children communicate with confidence so that they are ready for school.



We have provided evidence-based, high-quality training and development for Early Learning Educators across Queensland and other states since 2022. We are excited about the positive impact of the Kindy Uplift Program; on both educators and the children you care for.



Together we can help your 2024 students gain the confidence and skills they need to be ready for school and ensure their bright future.



We look forward to being a part of this wonderful program, supporting Early Childhood Teachers and Educators like you with the tools, resources and skills you need to have an impact on your students’ speech, communication and social development.

Words to Grow stands apart from other speech pathology learning and development providers. Words to Grow not only helps build the capacity of Early Childhood Teachers and Educators to help all children in the areas of speech and communication, but we also incorporate aspects of well-being, connectedness, and identity since communication is the foundation for each of these domains. 


This is what sets us apart.


A child understands themselves (identity) and others (connectedness) through the stories they hear, tell themselves, and share with others. The ability to tell their own story and be understood and valued by significant others has a direct impact on their well-being.


Our mission at Words to Grow is to support children to develop speech, language and literacy skills through individualised and engaging evidence-based therapy so that they can build positive relationships with themselves, others and engage in all learning activities at school.

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