Growing Words Package – Online Self Paced – 7 modules

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Participation in all 7 live online workshops for early childhood educators to help children grow their own stories so that they connect, comprehend and contribute with confidence

An Australian online Professional Learning Experience for Early Childhood Educators to help children communicate with confidence so that they are ready for school

  • Set up interactions for success in communication
  • Foster a sense of belonging for children who find social participation difficult because of communication difficulties
  • Use evidence based techniques that strengthen pre-literacy success
  • Reduce frustration levels of children who find it difficult to be understood

This package includes the following self-paced online workshops.


Growing Words® builds the capacity of early childhood educators in helping all children in the area of communication.  However, it also incorporates aspects of well-being, connectedness and identity since communication is the foundation for each of these domains.  A child understands themselves (identity) and others (connectedness) through the stories they hear, tell themselves and share with others.  The ability to tell their own story and be understood and valued by significant others has a direct impact on their well-being.

Links to QKLG Communication
Exploring & Expanding Language
Exploring literacy in personally meaningful ways
Exploring numeracy in personally meaningful ways

Links to QKLG Identity
Building a sense of security and trust
Building a confident self-identity

Links to QKLG Connectedness
Building Positive Relationships
Showing Respect for Diversity

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