Stringing Sentences Together – Online Self Paced

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Modelling long and logical sentences
9:30am Friday 7th October, 2022

  • Know why some children sound ‘younger’ when they speak
  • How to keep the conversation going when sentences seem all jumbled up
  • 5 steps to stringing sentences together you can use anytime, anywhere with your kindy students
  • Setting up situations for sentence-making success

Links to QKLG Communicating
Key Focus: Exploring and expanding language
– Expanding vocabulary: Supports educators to use evidence-based strategies to help children develop complex sentence construction
– Listening and responding: Developing listening behaviours – supports teachers to help children follow and give instructions using appropriate sentence structure

Key Focus: Exploring literacy in personally meaningful ways
– Engaging with different texts
– Making connections between texts and personal experiences: promotes the use of texts to facilitate sentence structure in stories and relating everyday experiences

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