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An Australian Professional Learning Experience giving early childhood educators the tools to help children's speech, language and literacy flourish so that they build healthy relationships with themselves and others through good spoken and written communication.

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FREE Webinar: Communication in Kindergarten

Tips for Early Childhood Educators

Learning To Listen & Understand

How to speak so they will listen

Putting Ideas and Thoughts Into Words

Simple steps to help children's expressive language


Play with words and watch their vocabulary flourish

Speech Sounds

Techniques to help teach speech sounds.

Stringing Sentences Together

Modelling long and logical sentences

Telling My Story

How to teach story telling to little ones

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Literacy GroundWork

Setting up for success at school

Growing Words Package - 7 Modules

Complete set of seven modules for early childhood educators to help children grow their own stories so that they connect, comprehend and contribute with confidence

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