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Speech Pathology Assessment

A Comprehensive Assessment is a vital part of gaining a detailed picture of your child’s communication skills.  It provides evidence of your child’s strengths in speech and language and areas that need to be developed in speech therapy. A comprehensive report is an essential tool for communicating these strengths and weaknesses to parents, professionals and educators. The report will also provide strategies and recommendations for supporting your child’s speech, language and/or literacy development.

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Speech Therapy

We deliver high-quality, individualised, value-for-money services that children look forward to.  We focus on the strengths of the child, speak in possibilities and meet outcomes in innovative ways. And parents and children get to take the fun of speech therapy home too; with games, ideas and strategies to implement daily for maximum success.

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Professional Development

For Early Childhood Educators, Growing Words® by Words to Grow® is an online Continuing Professional Development experience that delivers culturally relevant communication strategies to develop children's comprehension, connection, and contributions so that they are school-ready.

60 minutes


Not sure how to implement communication strategies into your classroom?  Difficulties deciding where to go next with your therapy plan? Spend an hour with me as we look at your individual context from a fresh perspective and find innovative solutions together.

For Teachers & Early Career Speech Pathologists

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Would you like to dive in deep and refine your skills in the class or therapy room? Work with me over three, one-hour sessions as we translate what you know into how you show up for your children as they develop their speech, language and literacy. 

For Teachers & Early Career Speech Pathologists

In Person & Online

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