Speech Pathology Screening For Your Child

Speech and language skills are the foundation for social connection, learning and literacy.

Speech Therapy Screening example

A speech pathology screening assessment at your local early childhood centre, will provide a snapshot of your child’s communication development and identify any need for further assessment and/or intervention.


During the 20 minute screening assessment, a trained
professional will interact with your child in a fun and engaging activity and administer a quick screening assessment.


Parents are always welcome to attend, but you don’t need to be present if you are unable to. Your consent form and payment are all that is required. You and your early learning centre will receive a summary of the results within a few days of the screening assessment via email. 


To book your child, speak to your child’s early learning centre for more details.

Why Screen Communication Skills?

Communication is the foundation of social connection and learning. Communication skills that develop in the first five years of life lay the foundation for a child's future.Early identification of speech and language difficulties is important so that children receive early intervention at the most critical time in their development. Research shows that early communication intervention results in better outcomes for children over the course of their lives

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